6 reasons why you need a great content writer for your website

6 reasons why you need a great content writer for your website

Your website content builds your credibility, or doesn’t build …

Your website content writer can make or break your business

Your website content writer can make or break your business

Advertising content has changed quite a bit in the last decade, especially with the huge boom that the Internet created in the way we buy, communicate, search, and otherwise interact with our day to day routines. Because of this, businesses have learned to adapt with the changing times or simply go out of business because they refused to accept change. Rather than going out of business, you understand the importance of new media advertising. Most importantly, you understand that your future belongs with the content writer.

Think about it. A lot of advertising is revolved around content and something known as inbound marketing. Blog posts, articles, infographics, newsletters, videos—these are all directly tied into inbound marketing and normally begin from the ideas between you and a content writer. Why does the future belong to online writers?

Here are six very good reasons why you need a great content writer

  1. Headlines Are Crucial. With social media becoming so integrated in our Internet experience, you need to be able to stand out among the competition. There are tons of content creators writing attention grabbing headlines and it’s one of the first things a user is going to see before clicking through to your content. This is why headlines are crucial and a content writer can certainly help with that.
  2. From Boring To Interesting. Would you be able to make your services and products sound interesting enough to prospective buyers? How about creating content that doesn’t bore your readers? It is honestly a craft that is best left to the professionals, which is why content writers are so crucial for these types of jobs. They can make something as mundane as pencils sound amazing, the only writing utensil you will ever need, and they love doing it.
  3. Say Goodbye to Traditional Advertising. If you haven’t noticed, traditional advertising is dwindling down as digital advertising continues to greatly outpace it. More and more people are being exposed to online advertising on websites, blogs, and their mobile devices while tuning out or completely ignoring advertising in newspapers, magazines, and the radio. That means with traditional advertising, the type of advertising writing is changing as well. The writing needs to be punchier, attention grabbing and click worthy.
  4. We Read Everyday. The Internet is a lot of reading. We’re reading headlines, articles, status updates, tweets, and so much more. There is an emphasis on great, compelling content because of all this reading. Words are driving our lifestyles, how we work, and what we want to buy. Fortunately, the content writer can make sure that you can create just as compelling words as the competition and ensure your place as a thought leader and strong brand.
  5. Better Social Media content writing. On top of creating articles and newsletters, content writers are able to create the short-hand writing for all of the social media out there. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to write entertaining tweets and status updates as a business and that’s why your content writer can help secure your future. Let them bring in more exposure and reach out to your target audience in a way that you haven’t thought of before.
  6. Required Writing. As search engines become better, especially Google, there are rules and standards that are set in place. Google not only seeks out quality content but they also require it of people who want to rank on their search engine. If your content can’t make the cut, then your future is in jeopardy and you may not see the kinds of goals you want to see in the future. Your content writer understands this and will make sure that you’re always producing quality content.

Have you locked in your future with your content writer, yet? It is never too late to start creating content that people want to read and share across the Web. All it takes is knowing what kind of content you want and going from there.


Thank you. Julia Criswell at http://98togo.com granted permission for this reprint.

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