Sacramento SEO company says you need to know how your customers want to keep in touch

Sacramento SEO company says you need to know how your customers want to keep in touch

Your SEO works when people call. How do your customers want to keep in touch?

SEO company says: use them all

Phone call, Voice mail, E-mail, Facebook message, LinkedIn message, E-newsletter, Blog, Web site…everybody has a preferred way of staying in touch. You have to enable all of them and then identify which one each of your customers prefers. They are all part of your SEO strategy. You can love or hate faxes and Facebook. That does not matter here. You need to keep those vehicles alive. Specifically, you need to make sure you are available via the same vehicle your preferred customers embrace. Here are some examples.

One of my mentors prefers Facebook messages. I know his office address, phone number and e-mail address, but I have also realized that most of his messages to me come via Facebook message. That’s also the avenue that gets me the fastest responses on my inquiries. Nothing is wrong with his phone and e-mail. He just prefers Facebook messages to those other vehicles.

One of my clients seldom answers his office phone, but he responds almost instantly to text messages. I feel he doesn’t let the cell phone get more than 20 feet from him. His attentiveness to text messages is consistently amazing. His attentiveness to phone calls and e-mail are shallow compared to text messages.

One of my clients prefers phone calls and if she can’t get to the phone, then voice mail. She feels phone calls show more respect and help her ask questions before approving one of my initiatives. Sometimes I send e-mail, but I know that phone calls will get a quicker response and help nourish the relationship.

As you review your top 10 list of clients, ask what communication vehicle they prefer. You may notice a surprising trend. You do not have to love all the services I listed. However, you do have to be available via all the services. You never know when that availability will make or break a deal.

Who wrote this? Sacramento SEO company wrote this

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