Your SEO campaign must include a great picture

Your SEO campaign must include a great picture

Get a great picture and post it online

Say what you will about Donald Trump's politics and celebrity. Finding a picture of Donald Trump wearing a suit was a quick task.

Say what you will about Donald Trump’s politics and celebrity. Finding a picture of Donald Trump wearing a suit was a quick task.

You need a great picture because you will have several online profiles that reserve space for a picture. That space is usually in the upper left-hand corner of your profile page. People who find you will see your picture before they see your name and summary. Make sure you have a good picture. Use it over and over and over. I have posted my professional picture so many times that I’ve stopped counting.

A good picture can entice people to learn more about you, or it can turn them away. With all other factors being equal, would you do business with a man in a suit or with a person who looked drunk when someone took his picture?

Pictures show you have a life

You can use other pictures to show you have a life. I ride my bike through the mountains. I give speeches. I volunteer with Junior Achievement. Posting pictures of you outside of work will help people connect with you. People connect with people, not corporate logos.

You should also make sure pictures other people post online, and tag you in, present you in a positive light. My friend took the picture of me holding my cell phone and then tagged me. That picture appeared in my Facebook profile. I had the option to untag my name from that picture. You have to be conscious of when people tag you in pictures. They can present you in a positive light, or they can embarrass you. Be conscious.

When something good happens, tell the world. I have a picture on Facebook, taken on the set at Sacramento’s NBC affiliate. I do not get into TV stations very often. Therefore, this picture will remain online for a very, very, very long time. I don’t get into TV stations too often :-( .

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