Watch out for the fraudulent Internet domain registrar

Watch out for the fraudulent Internet domain registrar

Caution! You have to be careful when you receive a letter RE: renewing your Internet domain

The letter you received may be a fraud. I am paraphrasing a message RE: your internet domain registration from one of my suppliers, SRSPlus. A sample letter is at the bottom of this post.

You may have received letters that appear to be renewal notifications and/or invoices for DNS services. These are related to your existing Internet domain name(s). This particular notice is a deceptive sales tactic. It is similar to other deceptive notices I have seen for Internet domain name renewals.

The sender appears to have obtained contact data from the public WHOIS database. This practice is prohibited. Distributing misleading notices to domain registrants encouraging them to purchase DNS services is also prohibited. However, it still happens. The notice looks like a ‘renewal notice’ or ‘invoice’. If you respond to this solicitation it will result in modification of your DNS. Any services associated to the domain may be interrupted.

Unfortunately, attempts to terminate these types of sales practices are difficult. Most of these notices lie. They say the company that issued the communication is not affiliated with your current provider of services. It is not a bill or invoice. This enables these companies to market these notices as solicitations for new business. They have a deceiving appearance. Unfortunately, many registrants overlook this fact and take action based on the appearance of the notice.

How to protect yourself

In light of the above, a few suggested ways to help protect yourself would be:

  • The use of a Domain Privacy Service and
  • Better educating yourself regarding these deceptive notices. We all have to be street smart.

I know this gets into the nuts and bolts of my profession. If you are reading this and asking “What is he talking about?” give me a call. I am at (916) 752-6767.

A fraudulent Internet domain registrar is trying to take you for $65/year. DON'T let them.

A fraudulent Internet domain registrar is trying to take you for $65/year. DON’T let them.

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