Inbound Marketing Certified by @Hubspot. Big deal yes/no?


Inbound Marketing Certified by @Hubspot. Big deal yes/no?

YourSEOWizard is inbound marketing certified. What does that mean?

Mark Anthony Germanos is Hubspot inbound marketing certifiedYes yes yes, Mark has another certification, Inbound Marketing Certified by @Hubspot. Big deal. He apparently has the time to:

  • Sharpen his saw.
  • Learn things to help move his business forward.
  • Learn things that can help me attract more business from the Internet.

I am reporting that it truly IS a big deal. Inbound marketing means you publish content online to help your ideal customers find you. They’re already out there. They are looking for someone who provides the goods and services you offer. It is your job to publish content that attracts them to you. The certificate is available at Germanos-Hubspot-inbound-marketing-certificate

Outbound marketing

The opposite is outbound marketing. Outbound marketing involves interrupting people to spread your marketing message. We see this every day. Outbound marketing takes the form of TV commercials, bulk mail and SPAM. Outbound marketing worked great for many years. It helped create ig brands like Sears, JCPenney and Coca-Cola. It is not as effective anymore. We have found ways to isolate ourselves from outbound marketing messages.

  • TV commercials. Most of the TV shows my wife and I watch are recorded. We fast-forward through the commercials.
  • Bulk mail. I sort mail over the recycle bin. Bulk mail goes into the recycle bin and does not even get into my house.
  • SPAM. These days, most people have business-class SPAM filters. They filter out the nonsense SPAM while letting legitimate messages appear in your In Box.

That is why Inbound Marketing is better. it is not as intrusive. People are looking for you. When you publish content that appeals to your ideal customers, they will find your content and find you. Hubspot says, “Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online. Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying for leads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.” The full certification detail is at

Who wrote this?

Mark Anthony Germanos is inbound marketing certified by @Hubspot.. He uses WordPress websites and web tools to help you get more business. Mark is the Social Media Director at, the Sacramento SEO company that listens to you. They offer SEO, website and social media solutions that improve your online image. Inbound marketing attracts your ideal customers to you. It won’t happen overnight. Good things do take time.

“Yes yes yes,” you may say, “there are a lot of website guys out there. How do I know SEO, a WordPress website and  social media will get me more business”?’s inbound marketing solutions include creating a 6,000 word Declaration of Expertise. This Declaration has abundant content to get you on page 1. You will get more business.

Running a successful business isn’t as easy as it used to be. The margin of error is smaller. Contract out your inbound marketing, WordPress website and social media campaigns to someone you can hold accountable. Tell him to get you more business. Mark is available at (916) 752-6767 and at

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Inbound Marketing Certified by @Hubspot. I use WordPress websites to help you get more business. I work with businesses, mostly licensees and owners of assisted living homes, who agonize over keeping their beds full. With my 21 years of business experience, I create complete marketing systems that give you a higher occupancy rate and put more money in your pocket.

“Yes yes yes,” you may say, “these guys are a dime a dozen. Why should I do business with this guy”? Here are three reasons:

1. I used to think this was useless. My business almost failed. I decided to change my attitude about Internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media. My business recovered. If you think this is useless, I can help you embrace this as a valuable tool to grow your business.

2. My ideas work. I can show proof of campaigns that achieved page one placement.

3. I am running a business too. I believe SEO and social media are tools you have to use to meet your objectives.

We’re not living in 2005 anymore. Running a successful business isn’t as easy as it used to be. The margin of error is smaller. You have to be good at what you do and your marketing has to be great. If so, you get to stay in business. If not, you become a statistic. Contract out the marketing to someone you can hold accountable. You’re running a business here. Call (916) 752-6767 today.


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