Your ideal customer needs a name – meet Mattie

Ideal customer: Mattie

What does your ideal customer look like?

What does your ideal customer look like?

When you define your ideal customer persona, it will be easier to target her if you assign her a name. You can then create marketing messages that will attract her and get her to call.

I met Mattie a few years back. I presented my social media speech. Mattie walked up afterward, shook my hand and thanked me for the information. “That was great,” she said. “I can’t wait until I get back to my desk and do everything you do.”

I think this answers my first question: What does Mattie think of my profession? She thinks she can attend a 20-minute speech and do my job. Do you get this, too? You give people some information and they decide they can do your job?

Two years later, my phone rang. It was Mattie. She said she thought she could do her company’s website and social media herself. Day-to-day tasks have taken too much time and energy. Could I visit her office?

I visited Mattie twice. On the second visit, I presented a proposal to build her website, publish content, and establish her company’s social media presence. She read the proposal and said, “This is great. You and I think the same way. Can I show this to my mom?”

I think this answers my second question, How much decision-making authority does Mattie have? Mattie runs the office, but her mom signs contracts and checks. Mattie has to get Mom’s okay.

Mattie’s mom said yes

I started working there. Within a few months, we had a website up and running. We had sufficient content. We built a respectable social media presence. Mattie runs a dental lab. They make fake teeth. Their work is beautiful. Anyone who finds Mattie’s company online will see the beautiful work they do.

I found out why Mattie called. Mattie realized long-term customers were not calling. They were dropping off the books. She was not attracting enough new customers to offset the ones who had stopped calling. She had to downsize staff and ask the survivors to forego pay raises.

I think this answers the third question, What pain point does Mattie have, and how can I solve it? Mattie’s company was losing customers and revenue. They realized their old marketing tactics were not working. They called me and asked me to create their online presence. I built their website, published their content, and established the company’s social media presence.

Business has improved. Last time I checked, they rehired staff. Mattie and her mom were happy, because revenues increased $10,000/month. Even though, as the manager of a dental lab, Mattie does not exactly meet my ideal customer persona, she is pretty close. I saw how I could help. We engaged. I helped her business. Lord knows where they would be if they had waited longer before trying “the Internet marketing thing.”

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