Your ideal customer is a composite of your current customers

Define your ideal customer – by looking at your current customers

Your ideal customer may be a composite of your current customers

Your ideal customer may be a composite of your current customers

I am defining ideal customer here. Despite the 76 million responses I received when I Googled ideal customer, I am proposing you accept this simple definition. Your ideal customer is the person who wants to buy what you are selling. Simple enough? My examples of an ideal customer will cover these three traits:

  • What does she think of your profession?
  • How much decision-making authority does she have?
  • What is her pain point, and how can you solve it?

Your ideal customer is already a customer

Perhaps you are already running a business or doing the marketing, but the whole Internet marketing concept is something new to you. A friend handed you Attract your ideal customer: A workbook for making more money and told you to read it cover-to-cover. You want better results. You want to spend less. Newspaper, magazine, and phone book ads are not generating a strong enough return. You saw ideal customer in the title. This sounds appealing.

Perhaps your ideal customer is already a customer. Look at the customers you attract. What common traits do they share? Apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of your income comes from 20% of your customers. Ask these additional questions about the 20% that keeps you in business:

  • What is her gender?
  • What is her age range?
  • How much education does she have?
  • What does she do in her free time?
  • Where does she get her information?

Create a composite. You can even give her (or him) a name. You are so fortunate that you already have people on your customer list. Find the traits they have in common. You are attracting those traits. They are part of your ideal customer persona.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I am referring to your ideal customer in the feminine. That is intentional. Most of my customers have a woman owner or as my contact. If your ideal customer is a man, change the gender.

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