Why you have to understand Google personalization

Why you have to understand Google personalization

Google personalization affects what your ideal customers see

Google has implemented personalization in your web searches. Google is recording your Internet surfing habits and striving to make search results very attractive to you. For example, suppose you live in Sacramento and have visited several triathlete websites. You perform a Google search for “active and healthy things to do in Sacramento.” Google produces search results that prominently list triathlons. How did Google know you want triathlons? Google knows what you do. Google knows your web surfing habits. Google strives to produce search results that you will find very appealing.

Google records your web surfing habits

You can test this theory. Go Google one of your favorite interests. Record the results you find on page one. Then, login to your gmail account and perform the same search. You will get different results in the second search. Google will know who is performing the search. The results here should be more tailored to you and your interests.

When I test my campaigns, I go one step further. I search in Google Chrome, while logged into Gmail. I also search in Mozilla Firefox, an alternate web browser. I do not log into any Google sites in Firefox. Firefox gives me anonymous results.

Google personalization in action

Here is an example to show the results are different. I logged into my markgermanos@gmail.com account and googled Sacramento cloud computing. I appeared on page 1, at positions 1, 2 and 3 out of 2 million results.

Google personalization in action

The second and third entries indicate personalized results. I can tell by the person figure on the left. Google knew who was performing the search and created entries it felt would appeal very strongly to me.


On the flip side, I also performed this search while not logged into my gmail account. Remember, the search term is Sacramento cloud computing.

Anonymous results

I am on page 1 at positions 2, 3 and 8, out of 2 million results. None of these entries are personalized, since I performed this search anonymously (not logged in to my gmail account).

Next time you want to review your Internet presence, go google the key phrases you think your ideal customers would type in a google search window. You can google yourself while logged into gmail or any other Google service and then log out and google yourself again. You will see a difference. Enjoy.

Content originally from http://yourseowizard.com/10-things-seo/ and http://linkedin.com/in/markgermanos/.

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