Are there enough ideal customers nearby?

The more you know about your ideal customer, the more able you are to attract her and get her to call you.

Are there enough ideal customers nearby?

You can find your nearby ideal customers. Here’s how

Your ideal customer wants to buy what you are selling

Your ideal customer is nearby

Can your geographical market support your ideal customer? You need to know how many ideal customers exist nearby. You can check licensing status online.

My ideal customer runs an assisted-living home. In California, we call these Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). I target the six-county area surrounding Sacramento. One day, in researching my ideal customer online, I discovered through the California Department of Social Services website how many RCFEs are in the Sacramento six-county area. Here is what I learned:

  • Amador County: six facilities.
  • El Dorado County: 36 facilities.
  • Nevada County: 15 facilities.
  • Placer County: 179 facilities.
  • Sacramento County: More than 250 facilities.
  • Solano County: 156 facilities.

Is the six-county area surrounding Sacramento attractive enough? This area has more than 642 RCFEs. Amador, El Dorado, and Nevada Counties, although closer, do not have enough RCFEs. Placer, Sacramento, and Solano Counties have more. The grass is greener there.

After you identify your ideal customer, ask if your market has enough businesses to support your niche. The California Department of Consumer Affairs lets you choose a profession. You then search for a company or person. I searched Sacramento County alone and found:

  • 135 acupuncture licensees.
  • 185 hearing aid dispenser licensees.
  • 476 real estate appraiser licensees.
  • 870 private investigator licensees.
  • 643 veterinarian/veterinary hospital licensees.

I kid you not. If you have a service that appeals to private investigators, come visit Sacramento. You have 870 prospects here.

Some results, such as the veterinarians/veterinary hospitals list, show license status. Most show Clear. Others show Cancelled, Delinquent, or Revoked. Target those whose license status is Clear. They are most likely to still be in business. Other states provide this information, too. Washington, Oregon, and Nevada all publish licensee data online.

You need to know how many ideal customers exist in your geographical market. Then ask if that number is enough to support your business. You might sell an air conditioner in Anchorage, but you’ll have more success in Phoenix.

Customers who are not ideal are still desirable

I have a restaurant owner customer. I am not targeting restaurants. However, the owner found me online last year. My marketing just happened to attract her and get her to call. She asked me to create her websites and run her social media. When you get your online marketing in gear, you may see the same thing. Prospects who do not meet your ideal customer persona will still call. You have attracted them. Even though they are not your ideal customer, they are attractive. Engage them.

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