Are you an early adopter or are you looking for the horse?

Are you an early adopter or are you looking for the horse?

What is an early adopter?

When it comes to utilizing new technologies, strategies and tactics, people fall into one of two camps. Camp #1 embraces the Early Adopter mindset. You try something new, knowing that you may have to figure things out on your own. Camp #2 embraces the “Where’s the horse?” mentality, trying to understand something 100% before trying it.

Let me ask…are you an early adopter or are you asking “where’s the horse”? New technologies, strategies and tactics could help you run your business better, improve your marketing and gain a comparative advantage over your competitors. This includes SEO and Internet marketing in general. These concepts are relatively young. Google was born in 1998. What year were you born?

Those who embrace new technologies, strategies and tactics enjoy prosperity. Those who hesitate or try to figure out something 100% before trying it…are jeopardizing their livelihood.

You should commit to being an Early Adopter. Here’s why:

Early Adopter

The early adopter pursues new technologies, strategies and tactics. He ambitiously pursues them with the understanding that he may have to learn them on his own. Some features may not work. Some of his questions may never find an answer. He is happy with the Down side because he feels he is better off with the new technology, strategy or tactic. The UP side far outweighs the DOWN side.

My most successful business owner clients tend to be early adopters. They think about their comparative advantage. They ask how they can run their business better than their competitors. If a new phone will help, they will buy and start using the new phone.

Early adopters are more successful. While early adoption of new technologies is not the primary reason why successful companies are successful, it is a trait they share. Do what the successful do and you will be successful too.

Where’s the horse?

Are you an early adopter or are you looking for the horse?

Are you an early adopter or are you looking for the horse?

Do you wait before trying something new? Perhaps you have a “Where’s the horse?” mindset. Those with a “Where’s the horse?” mindset analyze something, trying to understand it 100% before deciding to actually try it. They hesitate before trying a new technology, strategy or tactic.

When the Ford Model T first appeared; those who bought them first had a comparative advantage. They found they could go farther, get there faster and accomplish more. They had a comparative advantage. Others stood on the side of the road and asked, “Where’s the horse”? What is your mindset?

Some business owners who are barely in business, or have gone out of business within the past few years, embraced this “Where’s the horse?” mindset. Sadly, some were my clients. I feel that is part of the reason their businesses are so weak or out of business. They waited too long before trying new technologies, strategies and tactics.

Let me ask…are you an early adopter or do you looking for the horse?

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