How to create your ideal customer persona

Define your ideal customer

Your ideal customer wants to buy what you are selling

Your ideal customer wants to buy what you are selling

I am defining ideal customer here. Despite the 76 million responses I received when I Googled ideal customer, I am proposing you accept this simple definition. Your ideal customer is the person who wants to buy what you are selling. Simple enough? My examples of an ideal customer will cover these three traits:

  • What does she think of your profession?
  • How much decision-making authority does she have?
  • What is her pain point, and how can you solve it?

You are creating your ideal customer

Perhaps you are starting your business, reentering the workforce, or taking over marketing responsibilities at work. You have a target market. This ideal customer persona further refines your target market.

For example, suppose you just purchased an assisted-living home. This is a place where loved ones take their parents to live when their parents can no longer live at home or care for themselves.

  • Your target market may be a 40-60-year-old woman in Northern California. She works for a large healthcare provider. Applying this to your ideal customer persona, you can add What does she think of my profession? Her parents raised her. She is returning the favor. She does not need you or the service you offer, she thinks.
  • Your target market earns $100,000 a year or more. She is a vice president. Applying this to your ideal customer persona, you can add, How much decision-making authority does she have? She must be great when making decisions and getting others’ buy-in. After all, she’s a vice president.
  • Your target market travels internationally at least 10 days per month. She always carries her passport. Applying this to your ideal customer persona, you can add,What is her pain point, and how can you solve it? She feels guilty about leaving her parents home alone so often. She needs a place where Mom can feel safe, warm, and loved every day. Your ideal customer cannot provide that. Can you?

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