Branding tip 8: your clothing and hair are part of your branding

Branding tip 8: your clothing and hair are part of your branding

9 tips to increase your online branding. Today: tip 8 of 9

Welcome to Branding Week! We are nearing the finish line. I am creating posts centered on branding and posting them daily. Branding is crucial now more than ever. Your competitors are local, national and international. You compete on the Internet stage. Someone can find you and learn you are 10 minutes away. Someone can find a vendor in your profession and learn they are 10 time zones away! That vendor may be your competitor. Your job is to show the prospect you are uniquely able to provide the products and services they need. They need to hire you and only you.

Branding tip 8

What do you look like? How you dress and what do you do with your hair have a big role in branding. They help people remember who you are. You become familiar. This helps especially when you attend networking events. People look around for someone that looks familiar. If they recognize the hat you wear, how you wear your hair or what color shirts you wear, it will help people flock to you. Here are some examples.

One of my friends wears a fedora. It looks good on him. People expect him to wear the fedora whenever he attends networking events. He wears it so often that I do not know what his hair underneath looks like. He may be bald for all I know. The fedora is his brand. Before I knew that style hat was called a fedora, I thought it was merely the “Frank Sinatra” style.

Donald Trump’s brand is his hair. It may be his real hair and it may be a toupee…that is a topic for another day. For now, just remember Donald Trump said he could not change his hairstyle. It is his brand. People recognize him for his hair. Changing the hair style could be bad for business.

People recognize me for my red shirts. I wear red shirts when I give speeches. They dominate the room. I wear red when I am not presenting speeches. Red shirts compose almost half of my wardrobe. Red has become my brand. One of my friends told me he did not recognize me one day, a day I was not wearing red.

As you look at your wardrobe or hair, ask what you are doing consistently to help people remember you. It could be a hat. It could be a hairstyle. It could be a shirt color. Whatever it is, keep that in mind as you present your brand to your ideal customers.

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