Branding tip 6: Treat your LinkedIn profile like a Resume


Branding tip 6: Treat your LinkedIn profile like a Resume

9 tips to increase your online branding. Today: tip 6 of 9

Welcome to Branding Week! We are half finished. I am creating posts centered on branding and posting them daily. Branding is crucial now more than ever. Your competitors are local, national and international. You compete on the Internet stage. Someone can find you and learn you are 10 minutes away. Someone can find a vendor in your profession and learn they are 10 time zones away! That vendor may be your competitor. Your job is to show the prospect you are uniquely able to provide the products and services they need. They need to hire you and only you.

Branding tip 6

Branding tip 6: treat your LinkedIn profile like a ResumeYour LinkedIn profile reads like a Resume. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the branding darling of the Internet. College students are planning their careers. They see as a more valuable tool than other social media services. Some business owners I know have lost faith that Facebook is a good tool for capturing business. They turn their attention to LinkedIn.

When you first visit, the service prompts you to create an account and then start filling out your online profile. It asks for your name, current employment and former employers. It asks for your education and your schools. LinkedIn also asks for a picture. I discussed professional pictures two days ago at Professional Picture for Branding.

The LinkedIn profile reads like a Resume. That’s why I tell people to update their Resume in electronic format and then visit You can then copy and paste paragraphs from the Resume and into LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also asks you for references. You can refer some people you know from work, former jobs or schools on LinkedIn. Your referrals will appear on their profiles. You can also ask people to refer you. These will appear on your profile.

Maybe you’re a LinkedIn fan and maybe you’re not. Maybe you have not even visited the site yet. Whatever your situation, make sure you have a very thorough and current Resume in electronic format before creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.

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