You get more customers after you stop hiding

High quality customers are out there looking for you — why are you hiding? Marketing is like a race with no finish line. If you want to be seen during a race, you have to be at the front. In the marketing world, you have to appear prominently in search results.

That’s where helps you. We evaluate your online presence, create your ideal customer persona and help you attract more customers. You’re running a business. You need an SEO agency you can trust. Hold them accountable. Get monthly progress reports. You’re the boss.

We build marketing systems with parts that fit together like a completed puzzle. We help in three areas: content creation (blogging), informational search (SEO) and social media. Your search is over. You’ve come to the right place. How can we help you today?

How we help you get more customers

Maybe you love your website, but it is not appearing prominently in Google search results. You need more content. We interview you, create a Declaration of Expertise and use that content to promote your business. With all other factors being equal, a website with 50 pages ranks higher than one with 10.
We can help. Find out how.

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, attracts more customers and gets them to call you. We work with you to define your ideal customer, your niche and how you are different from others who do what you do. We keyword optimize your content to make it both people friendly and search engine friendly.
We can help. Find out how.

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We get your business up and running on social media. It can become a valuable business tool if you use it wisely. We create your online image, run social media campaigns and get more customers calling you. Even if you’re not a fan of social media, we still make it work for you and your business.
We can help. Find out how.

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Who wrote this

I used to think everything here was stupid and useless. Content creation, SEO, social media, etc were unnecessary. I almost went bankrupt. Only after I changed my attitude about content creation, SEO and social media did my business recover. I deploy the strategies and tools I used in my recovery to help you and your business prosper. My strategies work. This page receives 1100 visitors/day. Let my put my strategies and tools to work for you today.

How will Point → Story → Takeaway help you and your business?

Mark follows the PST (Point → Story → Takeaway) system. You get crisper takeaways when the writer follows the PST system. If you’ve been browsing this site for a while, you have already seen
Point → Story → Takeaway in action.

Point: You need to identify how much decision making authority your ideal customer has.

Story: I gave Mattie the proposal. She read it thoroughly and said, “This is great. You and I are on the same page. Can I show this to my mom?” Mattie thought she was the decision maker. When the decision involved spending money, Mattie had to get her mom’s approval.

Takeaway: You need to know who the decision maker is. Very often you will find the decision maker is not your point of contact. You have to write content that will help your point of contact look good and get the sign-off from the real decision maker.