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Need more customers? Time for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing attracts your ideal customers to you

Do you want more customers? You’ve come to the right place. We use inbound marketing to get you more business.  We create social, mobile and SEO solutions that attract your ideal customer to you. Here are the three most common tools we use to help you get more business.

Create and run your social media presence as a business tool

YourSEOWizard uses social media to help you attract your ideal customersEverybody wants to be on social media. When we started promoting social media, Facebook had only 600 Million users. They are now above 1.1 Billion. Facebook, and social media as a whole, are too big to ignore. Your customers are on social media. Your ideal customer is looking for you on social media.

You can hate social media. Yes, you read that right. You can hate some social media services but you have to embrace a strategy that includes using social media as a business tool You have to attract your ideal customer. She is already on social media. You have to be there too.

You can create and run a social media presence on your own or you can hire a professional. You can hold him accountable. Track how many connections you are creating online. Track how many people are engaging with you to buy what you are selling. Work with him to generate content that will attract your ideal customer, and get her to call you. After all, you’re already running a business. Let someone else get more customers.

Create your mobile website to attract people looking for you on their smart phones

YourSEOWizard uses mobile websites to attract your ideal customers to you.Traditional websites are designed to be viewed on a computer screen instead of a mobile device. This means that most regular websites are not compatible with mobile devices. YourSEOWizard form for managing your Internet domainsOne-third of the world’s population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches. One-half of all Internet searches for local products and services are performed from mobile devices. Are you attracting them?

People who find you on their phones are much more likely to reach out to you, compared to folks mindlessly websurfing on a desktop computer. Mobile users are more likely because they are already in the car looking for someone who does what you do. They have done their research. They are serious. They are closer to making a purchase.

Make sure you have a mobile presence that will attract them. Your mobile presence has to include a website that looks good and downloads quickly on smart phones. Simplify your logos and graphics. Reduce the colors but still keep it looking good. Remember, people may be web surfing where they have a slow and unreliable cellular signal. Your website still has to download quickly. They also are surfing on a screen that is much smaller than a regular desktop monitor. The iPhone 5 has a display 2.25 inches wide x 4 inches tall. Will your website and your graphics look good when confined to those dimensions? Even if you already have a desktop website, you still need one that works on smart phones. Take a look at by clicking the graphics to the left. Check back often. We will be posting more of our mobile creations here.

Create and run SEO campaigns that get you found online

YourSEOWizard uses SEO to help you attract your ideal customersImagine this scenario. It is Monday morning. Your ideal customer goes to work. She is thinking about buying what you are selling, but she does not know you exist. She visits and types something. If your SEO, or search engine optimization, is working for you, she will find you prominently in the search results. If your SEO is not working, she will find your competitors.

To make this work, you need content. We work with you to generate content that will make you more authoritative to Google and in turn, earn a more prominent placement in search results.

Good SEO takes time. You can run this on your own or you can hire a professional to create and manage your social media for you. If you’re asking “What is SEO?” you should probably hire someone. Hold him accountable. Measure the results he delivers for you. Our SEO works. See for proof.

Inbound marketing works better than outbound marketing

Inbound marketing attracts your ideal customer to you. When she finds you, she will view you as the solution to her problem. Your job is…make it easy for her to find you. Inbound marketing is the act of publishing content online that attracts your ideal customer to you. Typical tools include social media, websites, SEO (to help get your website found), movies, blogs and articles. When your ideal customer is looking for you, she will find what you’ve published.

The opposite is Outbound Marketing, which no longer works as well as it used to work. Outbound marketing includes tools such as TV ads, cold-calls and bulk mail.

Although outbound marketing helped create successful companies in the pre-Internet days, times have changed. People have found ways to filter outbound marketing messages. We record TV shows and zip through commercials. We screen phone calls. We sort mail over the recycle bin. Outbound…gets filtered too easily. That’s why it is less effective.

Inbound is the way to go

That’s where YourSEOWizard can help you. Be it social media, mobile websites, SEO, branding or content creation, we embrace inbound marketing. We have seen great success with inbound marketing. We can help you and your business too.

After all, inbound marketing brought you to this page.

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